Scroll Viewport's theme editor lets you adjust the visual appearance of your site and integrate it with other services you are using.

To navigate into the theme editor, click Edit theme in the site overview screen. The theme editor consists of a side bar on the left that contains all of the available theme settings and will show you a preview of those theme changes on the right. Changes made to the theme are immediately reflected on the theme preview. The theme editor preview can’t be interacted with.


The Templates tab contains settings concerning the HTML templates that are used for site generation. They generally determine the look and feel of the published site.

Changes made to the templates require a site update to reflect on the live site.

Learn more about the specific settings on the individual templates in the Help Center theme documentation.


You can integrate your Scroll Viewport site with a number of services you might already be using. Currently, Scroll Viewport supports integration with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, and a number of help desks.

If you activate a third-party integration in your help center we recommend you turn on the Cookie Notice to comply with privacy regulations, like GDPR.


You can connect the Help Center theme to the Google suite of apps like Analytics, Tag Manager, and Search Console to help better understand your users' help journeys and improve your content over time.

Google Analytics

Specify your Analytics ID to embed your Google Analytics tracking code on every page of your site.

Example: UA-123456-2

Google Search Console

Specify your Search Console Verification to receive search engine data about your site within your Search Console account.

Example: SDFGsFGDFGssdFVSDf_scvSWsfdg3543rt4G

Google Tag Manager

Specify your Tag Manager ID to embed your Google Tag Manager tracking code on every page of your help center.

Example: GTM-123456-7

If you are using Google Tag Manager, it's usually redundant to use the Analytics and Search Console, as those can be included in the Tag Manager code. Learn more here.

Help Desks

Many help desks provide a way of embedding a widget on websites that enables readers to submit a support ticket directly from that page. Scroll Viewport supports a range of these widgets. Find below instructions on how to insert the widgets into your site.

Jira Service Desk Cloud

Specify your Jira Service Desk Key to activate the widget.

Example: 9364753d9a-tg7d-45ad-a46d-b348thfc5d


Specify your Zendesk URL to activate the widget.


Learn how to generate the necessary details. Specify the following to integrate with Viewport:


Specify your Intercom App ID to activate the widget. 

Example: abc12345