We are pleased to announce the release of Scroll Viewport 2020-09-16 which is an improvement release.

With this release we are proud to announce that you can now view tables in full screen from your Viewport site articles. Simply click on the zoom icon located at the top right corner of each table.

We also improved the Help Center theme's search behaviour by adding the option to filter between a specific or all content sources.

Within the app we improved the changelog which now opens in a modal dialog by clicking on the number of changes in your the content source table.


This release contains the following features for:


Feature RequestVPC-41 - Full Table Overlay Resolved


This release contains the following improvements for:


Feature RequestVPC-39 - Improve search template Released to Cloud

Feature RequestVPC-43 - Align Jira Issue Macro Table view with the single issue view Resolved


Feature RequestVPC-42 - Move changelog to single site overview Resolved