Any page which isn’t a child of the space overview page will be excluded from the following components of the theme, but not from your site:

This can be useful if you want to hide pages from the navigation of your site, but still want the pages to be part of the site and public accessible. This means those pages shouldn’t contain any confidential content!

Use cases

Some use cases for when you might want to exclude certain pages from your site’s theme navigation:

  • For content that shouldn’t be part of your documentation. Such as in-app help articles.

  • To include a page only accessible through a footer or header link.

  • When you want to direct users to troubleshooting articles without having these permanently displayed as part of your documentation.

Read more about how to hide pages within your Confluence space.

We recommend creating a shortcut link within your space so your hidden pages can be found quickly and don’t get lost.