Scroll Viewport publishes your Confluence content to a site. Creation of a site is the first step to start using the app. This page will give you an overview of how sites work in Scroll Viewport.

A Scroll Viewport site can consist of many content sources – Confluence spaces – but there are a number of settings and operations which affect the entire site:

Site creation

Creating a new site requires you to choose a name, URL, theme (the Help Center theme is currently pre-selected) and initial content sources. These settings can be changed after site creation.

Each Confluence instance can have multiple sites, but a content source can only be part of one site.

Site structure

A site's structure depends mainly on the number of content sources selected. Sites that feature only one content source follow this structure:

The site home is reachable under the URL you chose and functions as a landing page for your site. It is used to navigate to the individual content pages.

Sites that feature multiple independent content sources have an additional hierarchy level:

In this case, the site home, which remains under the URL you chose, is used to navigate to the individual content source home pages, which in turn navigate the user to the individual content pages. The site home is using the portal page template which you can configure in the theme editor.

Adding additional content sources

To add additional content sources to your help center after the initial site creation, go to the overview section of the app then click on the plus (+) button to the right of the ‘Content sources’ heading. A new window will pop up where you can add as many new content sources as you need. 

Click save, and you will see on the overview page, all of the content sources that have been added. You will need to re-generate the preview of your site before the new content sources will appear.

Each content source you select is one of your Confluence Cloud spaces. Remember to restrict any content within the space that you don’t want to be live on your help center.

You will need to restrict this directly in your documentation, not within the Scroll Viewport app.